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July 16, 2019
Centella Asiatica (Brahmi)
July 17, 2019

Cedrus Deodara (Devdar) Oil Soluble


Product Details:

Scientific Name Cedrus Deodara
Pack Size 5kg, 10kg, 25kg, 35kg
Packaging Type HDPE Can
Brand Herbal Creations
Form Liquid
Shelf Life 3 Year

Deodar Cedar is also known as Deodar has many medicinal properties. Heartwood, bark, leaves, and oil are used to make medicine. This herb is light to digest and improves the moistness of tissues. The Deodar oil is antiseptic and used in skin diseases, sores, wounds and ulcers and also for headache, fever, urogenital diseases, piles and as a carminative, antidiarrhoeal, diaphoretic, diuretic and insecticide. The heartwood is used for similar purposes and as an anti-inflammatory, laxative, sedative, cardiotonic and for many other disorders. The leaves are bitter and acrid and used mainly in inflammation.