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Plumbago zeylanica (Chitrak Mool)

(Herbal Extracts)
Plumbago zeylanica, commonly known as "Chitrak Mool," is a powerful medicinal plant native to South Asia. It has a long history of use in traditional Ayurvedic and herbal medicine for its various health benefits.Our Plumbago zeylanica (Chitrak Mool) Extract is derived from the roots of this remarkable plant, which is known for its potent therapeutic properties. Chitrak Mool has been treasured in traditional herbal medicine for centuries, and its extract is now available to enhance your well-being.

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Health Benefits:
  • Supports digestive health and metabolism
  • May aid in detoxification and elimination of toxins
  • Potential anti-inflammatory and antimicrobial properties
  • Believed to enhance energy and vitality
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