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Herbal Creations is a major Manufacturer, Exporter and Supplier of Phytochemicals and Herbal Extracts in the country. The range of Phytochemicals, offered by the company, is inclusive of Bergapten, Methoxsalen USP, Psoralen IP and Curcumin 95%. The company is an ISO 9001:2008 certified organization offering a superior and effective formula as well as invaluable assistance to the clients with a guarantee of safety. The company has provided solutions for problems like stress, low immunity, cholesterol problem, brain-related problems, weight loss and anti-aging and covers other spheres like sports nutrition, pet products and life extension as well.

With expertise in offering assistance in regulatory compliance, marketing as well as position and implementation of the Phytochemicals from the designing process to the distribution stage, we are known for our passion, integrity, quality and innovation. The company is equipped with the latest analytical instruments and offers competitive pricing of the Phytochemicals with rapid implementation of projects.

Herbal Extracts Manufacturers

Extracts are one of the simplest way to enjoy the goodness of herbs. Extract is a substance made by extracting a part of raw material often by using solvents or water.

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Phyto Chemicals

Now, thats the name that doesn't roll off the tongue. But if you all are interested in healthy eating then, this the name. Phytochemical's are chemicals produced by plants through primary or secondary metabolism.They are the chemical compounds that occur naturally in plants.

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Cosmetic Liquid Extracts

A liquid extract is a concentrated solution made by extracting (pulling or washing) the herbs chemical constituents out of the herb fibre with a solution of alcohol or water.
DO YOU KNOW - Liquid extracts work faster than other form of supplementation. this is because when you ingest a liquid herbal extract it is quickly and easily absorbed.

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Cosmetic Oil Soluble Extracts

These cosmetic oil soluble extracts are meant to be used for different cosmetic purposes. These extracts are used for the preparation of different cosmetic products that augments the appearance or scent of human body. We do the processing under hygienic conditions and process many products.

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