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August 2, 2018
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August 2, 2018

Phyllanthus Niruri (Bhumi Amla) Extract Manufacturers

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Bhuamalaki, Gale Of The Wind, Seed Under Leaf, stonebreaker, Country gooseberry, Bahupatri.
Bitters NLT 5% W/W Gravimetry
Bhumi Amla is used as medicine in Ayurveda. The fruit of this plant looks like amla and is close to the earth (height of the plant is 50-70 cm) because of this reason it is known as Bhumi Amla. It grows in coastal areas. Bhumi Amla is popular for its anti-viral activities. In ayurvedic medicines, Bhumi Amla is used as a powder and juice. Extract of bhumi amla is extraordinarily helpful in the treatment of jaundice. Phyllanthus Niruri is a medicinal plant. It has various medicinal properties such as hepatoprotective, antiviral, anticancer, antidiabetic, antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties.
  • Bhumi Amla deforms all types of kidney's stones and gall bladder stones naturally without creating any secondary response for this property bhumi amla also called stonebreaker.
  • Extract of this herb act as a blood purifier and very beneficial in all types of skin diseases.
  • The extract of the plant of bhumi amla is useful to cure Hepatitis A, Hepatitis B and Hepatitis C.It cure inflammation of the liver.
  • Bhumi Amla is a powerful herb for asthma patients.
  • This herb is used in cough and cold problems.
  • Bhumi Amla gives relieve in burning sensation problems.