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Smilax china (Chopchini)

(Herbal Extracts)
Smilax china, commonly known as "Chopchini," is a plant widely recognized in traditional herbal medicine for its potential health benefits. As a herbal supplier of Smilax china extracts, you can offer a product with various applications and advantages.Our Smilax china (Chopchini) Extract is a natural herbal product obtained from the roots of the Chopchini plant. Known for its traditional uses in Ayurvedic and traditional medicine, it's a valuable addition to your wellness routine.

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Health benefits associated with Smilax china
  • Anti-Inflammatory Properties
  • Diuretic Effects
  • Antioxidant Activity
  • Potential Skin Health
  • Immune System Support
  • Digestive Health
  • Traditional Aphrodisiac
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